Friday, August 31, 2007

Prayer help needed!

A friend of mine from Junior League (Julia Middleton) has been battling cancer for several years. She has what is called a Thymoma tumor and her tumor is wrapping itself around numerous organs in her body - not IN them, but around them. One is around her heart & is constricting her superior vena cava vein at 50-70%...

Over the past two weeks, Julia's fight has gotten tougher. Just yesterday they brought her home from ICU and hospice has been called in... Julia is one of the strongest, most compassionate, and most selfless people I have ever met; why something like this would happen to such a beautiful woman I will never understand.

We are receiving periodic updates from Julia's incredible husband (Mid) and he is asking all of us to pray for her. In particular he asked that we pray for her gut to absorb nutrition, her heart to beat stronger, her mean blood pressure to be over 80, her kidneys to get normalized, and oxygen to get to her brain. Please pass this prayer request on to as many people as possible.

If you want to see pictures of Julia and her husband they have a website:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Green-Bird Restaurant

My sweet parents threw a dinner party/birthday celebration for me and Caitlin McKenney (a friend from our Ecuador trip) this past weekend. Going into it, I knew it would be an elaborate affair, however; I had no concept of just how spectacular and unconventional it would actually become.

After all of our 26 guests had arrived my father came out of the kitchen, welcomed us to the "Green-Bird" restaurant, and started explaining how the evening would work...

"Here's how it will work," he said. "There are menus at each of your seats. You are to go and find your place at the table, grab a pen and choose what you want to eat and when you want to eat it. Each course option must be selected once and only once. You must choose one "implement" that will be used to eat each course and you will choose a beverage to accompany each course..."

With that, we were off - excited to see our menus and start selecting what we would be having that evening... Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple. When I turned the menu over this is the "foreign language" that I saw:


Today’s specials are listed within,
So select what you like and dig right in.
Though names may be strange, each contains a clue,
To some dish or implement familiar to you.
If you figure them out and select in right order,
You’ll consume our mystery dinner without disorder;
But if you can’t decipher the true name of the dish,
You may start with dessert and end with the fish.
In any event, it is all in good fun;
So stick around until we are done.

Today’s Specials:
1. Nero’s concoction

2. I need some Rolaids

3. An oriental gymnast’s best

4 To Akba its sikbaj

5. Peculiar is no friend of Ashlie, Caitlin or this girl

6. Sparrow guts with yellow stuff

7. The Marlboro Man and Mr. Head could have been this one’s cousin

8. Some times a swollen ovary can be sooo good

9. Goi with an oblate homo and a nut

10. Choose One:

A. The leg man who goes blind with a sock and a southern delight

B. Get those legs near me and I’ll sock you because I’m full

Available Utensils:
1. Slurper

2. Pitcher

3. Petit Pat

4. Eraser

5. Tuner

6. Mack

1. Ethiopia's Wine

2. A Monk’s Yeast Infection

3. Liquid Life of the Master

4. A Clearly Forbidden Prescription

5. Two plus One

The evening was a blast! I ended up eating my meal in this order. Have fun guessing which thing is which!
1. Asparagus with hollandaise sauce, with a fork and red wine
2. Civeche, with a knife and red wine
3. A cheese course, with a fork and red wine
4. A sorbet intermezzo, with a fork and white wine
5. Strawberry shortcake, with a fork and coffee
6. Zucchini soup, with a fork and red wine
7. Spring rolls with peanut sauce, with a toothpick and water
8. Grilled salmon, with a fork and white wine

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DGH on the Radio

Some of our Globetrotter kids are going to be on a local radio station this Thursday. I know a lot of you are outside the listening area, but for those who aren't, make sure to tune in. The station is 107.5. We should be on around 8:30.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Living like a "yaya"

My dear friend Joan Wellman had her 53rd birthday last week, so her girlfriends showed up in full force to help celebrate. Mallory, Lauren Bostian, and I were included in the festivities, and it was such a blessing to see friendship span across so many generations (20 years to 79).

In honor of Joan I wanted to share a prayer she taught me a couple years ago. She takes time to say this every morning of her life...

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
Happy Birthday "Joan-y"

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Poppy

My sister just dropped by my office and was showing me some pictures she had taken at our dad's 50th birthday party... Thought this one was fun; definitely captures the spirit of the night!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Boys will be boys

Mike and a group of his best guy friends from high school have an annual Lake House tradition that pops up every summer... As they prepare for this year's festivities, a blast from the past video made it into my hands.
For all of those who ever wondered what goes down during the course of these 3 man-days (me included), now we know!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Today's teens get an unfair rap...

Imagine being so popular in school that hundreds of kids would crowd around you, pen in-hand, screaming for your autograph...

Imagine having something so special in your backpack that every boy in school was practically on top of you, waiting to see what you might pull out next...

Imagine one student from every grade stepping up to a microphone so they could sing you a "welcome" song when you arrived...

Imagine your teachers loving you so much they would invite you into a private room and serve you biscuits and juice...

This was our reality in Tosagua, Ecuador!

As many of you know, Dustin's GreenHouse recently teamed with Habitat for Humanity's Global Village program on a 37-home build project in the small town of Tosagua... Typically a Habitat project comes with an immense amount of interaction between you, the volunteer, and the homeowners. However, because of the scale and unique structure of the project we were working on, our team of volunteers did not have the luxury of getting to know the families we were building for. So we took it upon ourselves to find ways of engaging the community - outside of hammers and nails... We went into to the schools.

The 2007 Globetrotters visited fours schools during our stay in Tosagua. We handed out stickers, stuffed animals, games, and school supplies... We gave away soccer balls, jerseys, shin guards, and cleats... It was like Christmas, only with 16 Santas and 90 degree weather!

Here are some pictures from that experience. Our "kids" signing autographs, handing out supplies, and just "plain old loving" a sea of strangers... In my opinion, life doesn't get more beautiful this.