Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random updates on life at "The Box"

Mike's car broke down last Thursday (while I was out of town). Since we live within walking distance of campus, he decided to wait and take it in after I got back. Ironically, when we jumped in my car (Monday morning) to take his car to the repair shop, mine would not start either! ARGH! $303.00 later I am cruising once again, however; Mike's Honda is still at the car-doctor's. The mechanic actually just called a few minutes ago. He was talking about a timing belt, muffler pipe and high quality spark plugs. It all sounded expensive and foreign to me so I just said yes, hung up the phone and went and poured a glass of wine...

Big news!!! Mike and I are in the process of buying a house. I can't share many of the details yet (we won't close until the end of May and I don't want to jinx anything), but I can tell you it is absolutely adorable and we are both very excited. Things that I can share:
- The house is in Greensboro.
- It has enough bedrooms to raise a family in (yes mom, that means we are starting to think about your grandchildren).
- I would describe it as cottage-bungalow... Lots of character and very charming.

For those of you who I told we were going hiking this weekend, unfortunately it was a no-go. The weather here was terrible (see pic taken from front door below). That being said, it did snow this morning! Waking up to a snowy ground always makes me smile.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I wore the scarlet letter...

I was in Charleston, SC for a conference last week and slipped out one afternoon to meet a friend's mom for lunch. (Important note: I was wearing a Banana Republic sweater dress, a turtleneck and black boots.)
The restaurant we were headed to was only a few blocks away so we decided to walk. And, it was during that fateful walk that at least 3 cars sped by, beeping their horns as they passed. A little odd but not totally unusual, right? After all, it was a busy time of day and there were tons of people on the street. Why in the world would they be beeping at me or my friend's mom???
We proceeded to have a very nice lunch and then headed back to the Francis Marion where I was staying. During our walk back, I noticed the traffic had died down but the beeping continued...
By this point I was getting self-conscious. I looked around - no toilet paper, all "private" areas appropriately covered, length of dress passed the old-school arm test, no one famous around us (at least that I recognized)... And then it hit me. I was walking through bow-tie town in NYC-style black boots. It was my own scarlet letter!
I cannot say with absolute certainty that the reason the cars in Charleston were so horn-happy is because I was wearing black boots, but I can say there is no way they will be included in my wardrobe during SC visits in the future.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another weekend with the girls.

Once again the girls and I proved we can spend months (even years) apart yet reunite like no time has past. I'm sitting in the Charlotte airport, scrolling through photos and laughing at the memories from this weekend. Here are a few pics from Cat's bachelorette party and our Miami adventures.