Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Love Our Girls!

We had our second team meeting for the GreenHouse Globetrotters Tuesday night. Once again, I was amazed by the incredible group of young women who make-up this team. Their resilience, their courage, their individual beauties, their compassion for others... Everything about them is truly remarkable! Here are a few highlights from the evening...

We wanted to give the girls a chance to get to know us better, so we decided to start spotlighting one leader at each meeting. Paula was the first leader to share something personal/unexpected... She is an incredible singer and musician.

Joan and I have done a lot of traveling together: Uganda, Mexico, Ecuador...
Every time I'm with her she starts and ends my day with a motivational saying. I simple treat that I absolutely cherish! Joan shared one of her special reflections with the 2009 team.

Ashley Hunt and Adrian Brown working on decorating their journals.

The focus of the meeting was on Image and Self-Reflection. Sheryl Bryan, one of our leaders, has spent almost her entire career in the field of Image/Style Consulting and Personal Shopping. She was the perfect person to lead a team exercise on non-verbal communication... Sheryl talked with the girls about how they want to be perceived by others and reminded them that we are all constantly being judged based on what we wear and how we carry ourselves.

The rest of the leaders acted as Sheryl's show-and-tell. We paired-up and modeled two contradictory styles that could fit one persona... Mallory and I were students. Sara and Joan were teachers. Paula and Vanessa were business owners. Vanessa took the cake in terms of costume. There was not a girl in the room that wanted to work for her or buy the product she sold... V, thanks for playing such a trashy CEO!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Legacy Update

We have crossed the $250,000 threshold in our Legacy Campaign! Considering the economic conditions in which we are asking for money, this feels like a tremendous accomplishment. It positions us to invest over $80K in community programs for the next three years!!!

The not-so-bright side is that we still have $750K to go before reaching our goal.

If you are in the Greensboro area during the months of April and May, make sure to check out all of the special events we have going on with our Designer Showhouse. Great opportunities for Mothers Day, Graduation and just plain-ole girlfriend fun.

- Empty House Party: Saturday, April 4
- Hats & Hooves: Saturday, May 2
- Container Gardening: Tuesday, May 5
- Meet the Designers Party: Friday, May 8
- Sustainable Style: Tuesday, May 12
- Entertaining on a Dime: Thursday, May 14
- Reach Out Run (5K & 10K): Saturday, May 16

P.S. If anyone happens to be up at 4:45 Monday morning, please call and make sure I am awake. I have a 7:15 flight out of Raleigh!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


CNN is headlining a story today, “Report: 1 in 50 American children homeless”

Not only is this scary, and seemingly impossible (especially as I sit here enjoying a good breakfast, a warm home and contemplating which outfit I should wear today); this story has a relevance to my life that I would have never expected.

As many of you know we are taking a team of 16 girls to Romania this summer as part of the GreenHouse Globetrotters program. One of the girls on this team (a beautiful 16 year old) shocked me when she arrived to her scholarship interview in a taxi. Since then she has slowly shared more and more about the experiences of her past... Talk about humbling; talk about scary!

Can you imagine spending two years in middle school searching for a place to sleep at night?

Can you imagine how lonely it would be to have a biological father with bipolar disorder, an incarcerated drug dealer for a stepfather and a mother who works the streets as a prostitute strung out on cocaine???

Can you imagine being dropped off at middle school with a teacher who works at your school because he secretly buys drugs from your stepfather and, in exchange for a deal, let’s your stepfather use his car during school hours?

Can you imagine how hard it would be to study in a dimly lit room of a motel (a motel that is so disgusting it should be condemned) while strangers smoke illegal substances out of used aluminum cans they’ve found in a garbage bin nearby?

Did I mention all of this took place only a couple miles from where I live??? A beautiful, intelligent and dream-filled high school girl... She is everything we were at that age, yet she has battled for existence in ways we never imagined possible.

Her story breaks my heart. At the same time, I am grateful to have such a resilient and determined new friend. There is so much she can teach us.