Thursday, February 4, 2010

The 2010 Globetrotter Team!

We have selected this year’s group of Globetrotters and what a GREAT group of students!
This year’s group of students include a 16 year old mother, a 16 year old who is being raised by her 23 year old sister, a student who made his way to America from Sierra Leone as a refugee and now is a star soccer player for Page High School, and a future filmmaker from the Middle College of High Point.  All students where someone, (a teacher, counselor or a neighbor) who saw through the smoke and saw that sparkle in the kid who is underserved and/or under-recognized, our diamonds.

A special thanks to everyone who has supported Dustin’s GreenHouse and/or nominated a student for this year’s program.  We have a tremendous mix of talent, cultures and enthusiasm and we hope that you will all get a chance to meet and get to know our 2010 Globetrotters!

Congratulations to:
Minesha Carter - The Academy at High Point Central
Shatora Blackwell – Ragsdale High School
Gabriel Scott – Grimsley High School
Madelyn Rindal – Ragsdale High School
Lauren Nunley – Western Guilford
Taylor Woody – Ragsdale High School
Askia Abdul-Rahman – Smith High School
DeShawn Adams – Middle College of High Point
Lexx Truss – Middle College of High Point
Hassan Kouyateh – Page High School

We would like to thank all the people who helped during the nomination and selection process, Lynne Bergeron, Lin Bostian, Sam Bostian, Dan Turner, Joan Wellman, Janie Carter, Quana Gainey, Meghan Benz, Frankie Goins, Fanny Taylor, Brad Harder

This year’s Globetrotter Program theme is “responsibility”. What is your responsibility to yourself? Your community? Your world? Do you accept responsibility for your actions?
We will be headed for South Africa on July 15th and will be working with orphan children through Hands at Work ( There are a ton of plans in motion, from celebrating Mandela Day in South Africa on July 18th to camping out on the African savannah. Ohhh lions and tigers and bears…. Well lions at least.

How can you help?

  • We are still looking for a male leader to mentor our Globetrotters and go on our trip to Africa. Any ideas?
  • We will be collecting and distributing “Give a Gallon” bags. Put some of your favorite things (shampoo, lotion, birthday supplies, mosquito repellent, etc) in a  gallon ziplock bag.
  • Mosquito nets, if you have a few extra hanging around the house.
  • We are looking for fundraising opportunities or part time work for these students. Got any yard work that needs to be done? For many of these students if may mean you have to provide transportation but how often do you get to help a kid who has no mode of transportation?
  • Sponsorship – we can always use help sponsoring these kids.
  • You can help provide shelter, education and healthcare to an orphan in Africa for $15 per month. Go to Hands at Work to find details.
  • Storybags ( has designed a new line of story bags and is donating part of their sales to Dustin’s GreenHouse.  

We would like to thank the community for all your support for Dustin’s GreenHouse and the kids we have touched. None of it would have been possible without our village! I hope Dustin is J.

Martin, Lou, Ashlie and Mallory.