Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DV: Power of the Purse

A few pictures from dinner after our Village girls met with Compass Financial Partner, Ann Zuraw about budgeting and the basics of inflation and investing.

Monday, January 10, 2011

We are back and INDIA bound!

Can you believe it... it's Globetrotter time again, and this year we are India bound.

We did not waste any time getting the 2011 Globetrotter program underway. As of December 15th we had received over 75 applications, and on January 3th and 4th we invited 52 of those students in for interviews.

The Globetrotter interview process has evolved over time, and this year it went something like this:

  • The students were divided in half (between Monday and Tuesday), and then in half again (into group A and group B).
  • Each student then participated in two tracks... a group activity and a series of individual interviews that resembles speed dating.
  • After we met with all of the students, we convened and began the incredibly difficult task of narrowing 52 amazing young men and women down to 11 team members and 4-6 alternates.

I loved meeting the 2011 applicants. The interview experience always makes me proud to be alive... an American... someone who has the opportunity to work with, and learn from this incredible population of people. Some of the students who go through the Globetrotter application process have overcome obstacles like you and I have never known. Some have vision and dreams that make me feel small minded. Some are just looking for a loyal, loving and wise influence.

I could go on and on about how humbling and inspiring the Globetrotter interview process can be, but there is some exciting news I'm sure people are waiting for me to share... the recipients of our 2011 scholarships. So without further ado, here is the list:

Almoubarak Abdoulaye, Dudley High School
Ricky Anjorin, High Point Central High School
Steven Ayers, Lexington High School
Kierra Campbell, Ragsdale High School
Kevin Dang, Ragsdale High School
Victoria Idol, Ragsdale High School
Sarah Lucas, Weaver Academy
Qlyl Middelijn, Dudley High School
Victoria Perez, Middle College at GTCC High Point
Macen Revels, Middle College at GTCC High Point
Mario Scott, Smith High School

I hope you will enjoy following the journeys of this new group of young men and women.