Monday, July 23, 2012

First Full Day In Belize

The group has gathered for breakfast and we are recounting tales of "the best sleep I've ever had" and "that spider was the size of my hand near my pillow"! We are staying at an absolutely beautiful jungle lodge nestled in the hills of Belize near the Guatemalan border. The group was FANTASTIC traveling yesterday - working together, timely, and very brave ( especially for our new travelers - who all love flying now!). We had a delicious lunch and a fun-filled visit to the Belize Zoo (which is not your average zoo - much cooler). We arrived at DuPlooys Jungle Lodge an hour before dinner and all of the students had a great swim in the river. We cleaned up, reconvened for dinner, and finished the night with a quick meeting talking about all of the aspects of the day that had worked well. Today we are off on a hike to some Mayan ruins nearby and hopefully a river tubing trip to cool off this afternoon. Sam or I will post more later and hopefully add some pics - we need to find a computer to download them! All kids are feeling good and having fun - they send their love to all of you! Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing day. So happy for everyone! Continue to enjoy the culture and beauty of Belize. Can't wait to hear more..

Moira Ubertini

Cassandra Rankin said...

Hi guys...i am glad you are having a great time!!!

Please have A;ston to FB Ms Z because Amira is crying because u didn't call him!

Love and miss you...the Fam!